mint mind
mostly fuzzy, sometimes trippy, sometimes synthy. always with a foot in the annals of indie.

November 21st, 2023: our new album "vg+" is out now. head here for all your purchasing and streaming needs

january 21, 2021 (1:59AM) : it's taken me 6 years now to finally build a website for mint mind. granted i have had the domain all this time, but it was only used to forward people to our bandcamp shop. i realise that in these modern times the ship has probably sailed on the use of such an old-school medium as the webpage, but i've become so tired of social media lately that i felt it was time to do it this way. who knows, maybe it will be more fun.
we haven't been able to do much as a band lately. no gigs, no play. i've been keeping busy recording some other bands here in the upper room : Huff duff, spucke. i also finished recording a new project called hawel/mcphail with frehn hawel (ex-tigerbeat, the last things) where i play drums again. all these records should hopefully be coming out this year. and if all goes well, maybe get to play gigs again. we all miss it. anyways, hope you're all doing ok. drop us a line some time or go buy some of all the t-shirts i had made for the gigs we had to cancel. we would very much appreciate the support. best, rick